Thursday, 13 March 2008

Rwandan Vineyard's Discipleship for Developement

The weather has been strange here in Rwanda lately. We seem to have missed out on a dry season altogether. Two of the small groups from our church have embarked on a very ambitious business scheme. They have rented more than 5 acres of land and are preparing to plant beans as a first crop. Not too much profit but safe. It is hard back breaking work to get the land ready for the first planting but future crops will be much easier as 'Farming God's Way' does not require digging again. We are praying for the rain to hold off another few days to get the rest of our 80 kg of beans planted. We are short on fertilizer so we are fertilizing with prayer also. Please add your prayers to ours that this aspect of God's kingdom among us will bear as much fruit as the lives that have been changed through faith in Jesus. The picture shows 9 members of our Tuesday group preparing the soil for planting.