Friday, 1 October 2010

Seeing Joel off on August 27th

As many of you will already know Joel is due to have surgery at Kijabe Hospital in Kenya next Tuesday to repair a torn ACL. We feel that this is a good opportunity for us to be together as a family to continue the healing of the trauma we went through in South Africa last year. Rwandair have a very generous half price deal on Saturdays and Tuesdays so we are taking advantage and Val, Brendan and I are leaving for Kenya on the 4.00 am flight tonight. In order that you can follow our journey and pray us though to a blessed outcome; here is our proposed plan:

Saturday 4.00 am: Val, Brendan and Pat fly to Nairobi

6.30 am: Jules from Karen Vineyard to pick up and bring us to her Friend Gabbie's house. Bless them.

10.30 am: Meet Joel who is on a weekend pass and is getting a ride into Nairlbi. As Joel will miss his mid-term break because of surgery, we will spend the day in Nairobi and have lunch and take in a movie. We spend the night with Gabbie.

Sunday am: Praise and Worship and Thanksgiving and all the other good God stuff you can think of at Karen Vineyard

Sunday pm: Jules is arranging some form of transport for us all to get to RVA (Kijabe) which is about 1hr and 15 minutes from Nairobi. We will all stay at the apartment on campus that the school has made available to us until Joel's surgery and for his recovery until he is able to return to the dorm.

Monday: "Normal" day at RVA. For Joel anyway.

Tuesday am: Dr. Mendonsa will fix Joel's knee. Amen

Tuesday night: Joel and Pat will stay at Kijabe hospital.

Wednesday: Joel returns to the Student Health facility at RVA for recovery.

Friday: Almost everyone leaves RVA for mid-term break to return on Tuesday evening.

Weekend: One of the nurses at RVA is around for the weekend. Pat or Val will stay at Student Health overnights with Joel. We may try to find some kind of bird in Nairobi to bring to RVA to do a thanksgiving meal (as we will have much to give thanks for).

Tuesday: Pat and Brendan fly back to Rwanda at 8 in the evening. We are hoping to get a ride into Nairobi with someone who is bringing kids back after mid-term. (Item for prayer)

Val is due to fly back to Rwanda on the 19th in the evening. We will see how Joel is progressing and change that if necessary. We so appreciate all your prayers for us during this time. Pray for Antoine and Florence also who are doing an amazing job of pastoring the church. To God be the Glory.