Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Eager participants in the Community Health Seminar

Sorry for the long silence but this year has been so full of good thing happening that I have hardly had time to get anything on the blog page. In January we had a team from the Maritimes come and do some very cool stuff with the people in the Muyange Vineyard Church. More than 90 people turned up for 3 days of great teaching on basic hygiene and health care. The folks took it all in and had many relevant questions for the trainers. We also had a marriage seminar and ministry times with our small group leaders and youth group. What a blessed time it was and we are most grateful to Beth Wood and Sheryl Darrow from our home church the Halifax Metro Vineyard and Rick and Wilma Coates from the St. Croix Vineyard for all the hard work they put into making it a successful and enjoyable ministry trip. There is much follow up to be done and the people in the village are very excited to learn more and teach others the practical things they have learned.