Saturday, 26 November 2011

First retaining wall at the Muyange Vineyard Church

The first retaining wall to allow access for trucks to the main
building is now complete. It required 4 truckloads of rocks as well as
sand and cement. Six of our people worked for one week to complete the
wall. The next job will be to put stone steps in to safely get from the
main level to the Community room below where 15 women from the 'Joy
Sewing Co-op' work every afternoon. This room is also used three
evenings per week for English lessons and on Friday evenings for the
men's meeting. This is also where the Children's church meets on Sunday
mornings. The next major step in the building project will be to build
the 'great' retaining wall for the church building and to lay all the
foundations for the walls. We are so grateful for all the support from
our partnering churches to make this dream of our local community a
reality. Bless you all.