Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Our new logo

Sorry again for the long silence. Our latest newsletter is posted on the news page and explains some of our unexpected adventures over the past 6 months. We do expect to be updating this blog page more regularly from now on.

We want to get things off the ground again by introducing you to our new logo. It was designed for us by our friend Aaron Babcock and the concept is based on the traditional Rwandan art form that was created by Kikara, the son of  King Kimenyi in the early 19th century as a way to beautify his house. It is made from a mixture of cow dung and dirt mixed into clay. Usually the colors are black and white

This logo integrates the symbol of Christ - His cross at the center of the art that is Rwanda.

The 3 rings of the spiral represent the Father, Son and Holy Spirit who lead us to the foot of the cross, and the design itself is meant to represent the desire of the Son of the King (Jesus) - that the people of Rwanda beautify His house by being present there.