Saturday, 3 October 2009

Rwanda Night at St. Croix Vineyard

The last couple of weekends have been great for us in terms of connecting with Vineyard friends in the beautiful province of New Brunswick. We were at the St. John Vineyard on the weekend of the 20th of October and enjoyed the hospitality of the Bogles. On Sunday morning we gave a presentation on the church in Rwanda. We were touched by the interest and concern of the people who came to speak with us afterwards. We look forward to building our relationship with the folks at St. John Vineyard.

On the weekend of the 27th we went to St. Croix Vineyard in St. Stephen. Carol Ann and Tom Wiebe who head up the missions team did a great job of looking after us. A 'Rwanda Night' was organized for Saturday evening and it was a great success. An entire Rwandan village was set up in the meeting area and visitors were able to get a feel for what life is like in Rwanda. On Sunday morning with some of the market stalls and other props moved to the side we gave our presentation on the work in Rwanda. We are blessed with our partnership with the St. Croix Vineyard and hope to see it grow as more people take an interest in what God is doing in the Vineyard church in Rwanda.

On Thursday Oct 1, Pat and Val flew to St. Louis Missouri to spend some time with our good friends and church partners at the Hope Vineyard. We are staying with Dan and Amy Freet at their home in the country. On Sunday morning we will give our presentation at the Hope Vineyard and in the afternoon we fly to Colorado Springs for the US Vineyard Missions Conference with Hope's pastor Robert Stovall.