Thursday, 19 August 2010

Good to be home

We arrived in Kigali to a very warm welcome from friends on August 16th. The Lord blessed us at Heathrow Airport when Pat left a laptop next to an elevator and did not notice for over 30 minutes. After much prayer and running around we got it just as they were putting it on a trolley to take to the Lost Property that did not open till the next morning. Praise God. Antoine and Florence had decorated our house with welcome home signs and friends helped with luggage. It feels good to be home.

Brendan started school on Tuesday morning and he is settling in nicely. There are 5 other MKs (missionary kids) in his class who are friends from when we lived here before.  They are having their first sleepover on Friday night.  

Joel too is connecting with some old MK friends, some who are also going to RVA in Kenya next Friday. We had a little panic when we could not find name tags for his clothes. After a number of calls to Kenya and England (the company who make them could not get them made in time) we prayed and within minutes we found a bag full of name tags that were surplus from his first time at RVA. It was really the proverbial needle in a haystack. God is good. We were also very blessed by a good friend in England who has agreed to cover the rest of the boy's school fees for the remainder of this year. Please keep next year's school fees in your prayers.

We are looking forward to meeting everyone at church on Sunday and we will post an update and some pictures next week. In the meantime it is back to unpacking suitcases and the boxes that were packed up last year. It will take a while to get settled again but to quote Simon and Garfunkel: "Gee but it's great to be back home".