Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Leaving church after meeting

Having just managed to manoeuvr the ruts in the dirt road to Muyange we arrived at church in the little Toyota Corolla which we have until we can find a more suitable vehicle for the back roads of Rwanda. The building which is about 7 by 6 meters was packed but still bright and airy as the 8 windows do not yet have glass.

Hakiza led worship with a guitar that Pat used to busk with more than 30 years ago in Holland in the bad old days. Worship was lively and a number of women danced despite the cramped conditions. Antoine spoke on the dangers of consulting self proclaimed prophets who have set up business delivering "messages from God". Unfortunately many people are being deceived into paying money to these "prophets" who behave more like fortune tellers than followers of Jesus, as they claim to be.

We were so blessed to see so many old faces and we were very warmly welcomed. It was great to see the result of all the hard work that has gone into the building and to see a healthy vibrant church praising God for his love and care. There remains much to do and we are trusting God to bless and grow his church